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    How to compute my first bill?


      Good day!


      I got my plan 1799 (Note 2) last May 29, 2013 and  was activated on June 5, 2013. I paid the following:

      1. 1799 - Advance
      2. 4800 - Unit cash out


      However, when I check my bill, I already have 3,598 total amount due with the following breakdown:

      • 1799 - May 31 to May 31, 2013
      • 1799 - June 1 to June 30, 2013

      I want to clarify the following:

      • Since my account got activated on July 5, 2013, I should NOT have a bill for the month of May.
      • I got a one month advance for the month of June so my first bill should be for the month of July.

      Thanks a lot!

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          Hello, @epsac 


          Welcome to the Globe Community. I am glad you that you come to share your Globe life with us.

          Before you proceed in reading my reply, please take note of the following:
          I don't represent Globe Telecom or any of its Third Party Vendors in any of my message.
          It is my personal belief that we are all created. Therefore, we are all creatures here.
          If you believe otherwise, you may let me know.


          Moving on with your concern.


          I would like to congratulate you for the activation of your line.


          If your line has been activated on May 31, you may be charged with the prorated amount for May 31 and the full amount for June 1 - 30 Billing Period.


          If your line has been activated on June 1, your advanced payment of 1799 will suffice for June 1 to 30 Billing Period.


          I will assume that it was activated on June 5 instead of July 5.



          In this regard, you may request for the reversal of the May 31 to May 31, 2013 charge amounting to 1799


          And request for the charge for the Billing period June 1 - June 30 be prorated from June 5 to June 30, more less 1599.