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    Globe is disabling roaming but they do this without warning the customer


      How is it possible to successfully enable roaming and still comply with Globe's instructions?


      Globe advises that roaming should be enabled at least 24 hours before travelling.  However, I have been informed by Globe's roaming hotline customer service representative that if roaming is not used within 24 hours, it will be disabled.  This means that roaming will be disabled by the time you arrive at  your destination.


      Example: I was travelling to Hong Kong on Friday night, so 24 hours in advance I enabled roaming, in other words, I did it on Thursday night.  By the time I arrived at my destination, roaming was disabled by Globe since the cellphone was not detected in Hong Kong within the 24 hours.  


      There does not appear to be any information on Globe's website about Globe's unprompted and unannounced roaming disabling.  I had to call Globe to get roaming enabled again and that is highy unsatisfactory.