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    Maintenance Work in Oton, Iloilo


      My friend in Oton, Iloilo has a Globe landline with broadband account.  It has been running well (he has a 2Mbps account) until last Thursday, 4 July 2013, when there was no dial tone and no internet connection.  A call to (02)7301000 revealed that there is an ongoing repair of the cell facilities servicing that area.  Four days after (today is Monday, 8 July 2013), the same situation is occurring and my friend cannot access the Web, nor can he receive landline calls.


      It is frustrating to be told days after that there is still an ongoing repair being done.  If only Globe could be more forthcoming in telling us of the reason for the overdrawn "repair work"...  Just wondering what would take four days to be repaired, and still not be done.

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          To answer your question... an unresolved or unfinished maintenance or repair.


          We know it's quite frustrating but some of us have experienced not having or intermitent signals for over a month.


          Try to document how you are affedted by such and the length of the maintenance so you could request for a bill rebate afterwards if you still have the patience.