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      Ask ko lang kung ilang days ang processing ng postpaid plan sa Globe kapag personal nag-apply with complete requirements. Thanks

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          In my experience, I just waited for between 1-2hrs. You just have to bring the complete requirements.

          And, activation of my line takes... between 8-12hrs?
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              Same here. Approval of your application normally take a few hours unless they need to further verify your submitted documents and if the phone that you wanted is out-of-stock at that moment. If you have a credit card, that would make the process faster.
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              im having problems with the increase of my credit limit on my postpaid plan. any suggestions for quicker feedback

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                it only takes1-2 hours once you bring the needed and correct requirements. If you apply online, it may take sometime since Globe is undergoing several system upgrades and it may take sometime before it iscompleted. I suggest calling the sales / customer service hotline, ask for their advice, then head straight to the store w/ your requriements for processing :smileyhappy:

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                  Usually 2 hrs lang dapat if the unit is available, queue is not long and you have all the requirements. Acitvation of SIM varies, from 3hrs - 1 Week or beyond.

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                    Kelangan ba talaga tawagan ung HR ng office ng nag aaply? Complete documents naman pinasa ng ate ko sa globe center sa ayala technohub sa diliman, sabe mag intay ng 3-5 working days. after 4 days na walang tawag pumunta ulit siya para mag follow up, ang sabi sakanya wala daw sila ma contact sa list na yon? Imposible naman walang sasagot sa hr, mismong cp ng ate ko, pati ung lineline sa bahay.. Tumatawag ba sila? at dahil daw doon kelangan ulit may intay ng 3-5 workingdays? Nakaka pikon. 1 month na walang nangyare sa online application namin kahit gano kadaming followup. ngaun kelangan nanaman mag intay ng panibago..

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                      same here, within 2 weks mula binigay ko contact number ng HR, hindi naman sila tumawag sa ofice eh. Nung pina follow up ko sa talk2globe online after 2 weks.hiningan nila uli ako ng number from the HR ksi wla dw sumasagot.sure ba sila na wlang sumasagot? O hindi lng tlga cla tumawag.kinausap ko kaya ang HR namin sinabihan ko na bka tatawag ang Globe to verify my employment, after all hndi naman tumawag.hay nku..
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                        they will really call the contact person sa HR to verify if employee ka nga, in my case i used our bank statement and they also called our bank to verify if i am really an account holder, of course with my permission because of the bank secrecy law..


                        for the other question, how to increase your credit limit, it actually depends on you proof of financial capacity, if yung na present mo on set of your application is enough to cover the increase on your credit limit, then you are not required to add any other proof of financial capacity, otherwise, if the increase in your credit limit won't be covered by your exsisting documents, then you are required to give additional proof of income.


                        you can increase your credit limit my calling 211 or do it online

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                          hi aneeshbhenteuno, for walk-in @ Globe store applicants normally if the sales agent was able to verify your submitted documents e.g. tenureship of employment, no previous accountabilities


                          and the unit you are availing is in stock,  30 mins - 2 hrs max. waiting time.


                          Credit card holder gets an exta advantage, no frills.



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                              it's been almost a week nang nag apply ako sa Globe Store, and they said 2 days time yong processing ng approval ko pero until today wala pa. I called the rep earlier, sabi nya ni-follow up nya khapon pero same thing sa mga applicants na kasabayan ko daw sa araw na yon eh wala pa daw mga approval.. it's very disappointing na mag antay for 1 to 2 weeks or 3 weeks or more weeks pa. :smileymad:

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                              Application approval within 2-3 days. Once approved, you'll be advised to pick-up your handset/sim. After releasing of your unit, you'll be advised to monitor the activation of your line within 24 hours.
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                                Hi dbelle08,

                                The sim activation is within 24 hours. Why is it that at times, it's more than 24 hours and still the sim is not activated yet?

                                I always see posts from Community members complaining about sim activation. It is taking them beyond the time frame you indicated above.

                                Since you're an insider, can you please shed some light on this issue? Thank you.
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                                  ano ano po b yung questions ng globe when they are calling the HR office? kinoconfirm lng ba nila kung talagang employee ka or may iba pang questions like "how much yung earnings or kung gaano ka na katagal?..thanks..masusungit kase mga HR namen e...baka mamaya hnde msagot ng maayos..