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    Do Globe replaces iPhone 5 with defective sleep/wake button? I'm on postpaid, still with warranty.


      Last week, I have noticed a decreased sensitivity of the sleep/wake button of my iphone 5. I cant remember any instance of dropping the unit or subjecting it to wet/moist instances. It just happened that the button functions only on the left part, and no response in its right at all. 


      I have read forums on Apple's website. I found out that Apple in the US is replacing units with this similar issue. They said that it is a defective wiring and is resolved by Apple by simply replacing the unit. I have not seen any similar stories with iPhone distributed by Globe. But to source my information here is the website link: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4516080?start=0&tstart=0


      I hope folks at Globe can solve my problem. I just got recontracted last December on the iPhone 5's launch. Thanks!