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    60%-100% ACCEPTABLE Speed for [email protected] Plan 1599 3mbps DSL


      Hi Globe Community,

      I've just  availed the [email protected] Premium Broadband Plan 1599 - 3mbps DSL. Its been a rocky 3 weeks service already from not being able to connect some gaming servers like LoL  and having unconsistent download(DL)  and upload(UL) speed. From installation, my net speed was detected at  2.51mbps. I asked the tech team why and their reason was its a new installation and its under the acceptable speed range. Ok, i accepted this but told them I will follow up regarding the speed which supposed to be 3mbps. During that time, they let me also confirm this to the verification agent who verified the installation and according to him its acceptable. Ok, my case is that I have never seen my net speed to go up 2.54 mbps to max at 3mbps. I have communicated this to globe and their best answer was because its in the 60%-100% acceptable speed. This "Acceptable Speed" is not in any documentation, application form or brochure. My concern is simply, I am paying for a 3mbps speed and I am getting a consistent 2.51mbps only. And according to them there is no issue here since boosting is only done when my speed falls under 60% which is currently to them the 2.51mbps range. I am a IT specialist so i know the 3mbps can be provided and I have also experience other ISP provider who have provided the exact speed I am paying them. I spent 4yrs on globe broadband 1.5 mbps so im not a new customer to globe. So it stand that there is more help for my concern. This was confirmed by two agents already and I have also ask them to escalate my concern. I already have a Ref #  and also reported this to NTC at the same time as i feel its a scam to not inform your customers a certain speed cap.

      To the globe community, I would like to take your  thinking regarding my concern as I am not the only one who was given the reason (60-100% Acceptable Speed).