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    LTE Provisioning already took more than 6 days but still no LTE!

      Last saturday I had a chat with an agent (chat.globe.com.ph) and asked for my LTE to be activated. He told me to wait 48 hours so I waited. When I chatted an agent again, they told me to wait 24 hours so I waited another 24 hours. After 24 hours I followed up my request and they told me it was marked cancelled so they created another request and told me to wait another 24 hours. I got annoyed so I called GT Customer Service (211) Wednesday and they told me that they will create a report and have my LTE connection activated and I should wait 24 hours. I followed it up Thursday evening and they told me it is marked as "For Completion" so I waited until today. When I call customer service this morning, the agent told me that there was NO pending/in queue request so she told me to wait another 24 hours!... What the hell!? How many months should I wait for my LTE to be activated!?