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    Forced to Downgrade


      Just to start forgive me for the text wall.



      I was initially a plan 2299 - 3MBPS bundle since 2011. Around April 2013, I decided to upgrade to the 4299 - 10MBPS bundle. For the last 3 months it worked great, minimal disconnects, excellent speed. 


      This mid July, I was surprised to see my speed only maxing out at 5mbps (this is according to the max attainable speed on the modem admin interface) So naturally I called it in, asking why this was. 


      After a few calls and a visit from tech support, it was determined that AFTER the system upgrade, my areas overall bandwith  was reduced. Therefore only being able to support 5mbps max speed in my area. 


      The agent told me that they will downgrade my plan to the 2299 - 5MBPS (which is the same price as my original plan) without any extra cost, BUT I'm still slaped with the 24 month lock in period. Just to rub salt in the wound, a sales agent just called me a few hours ago to offer me a new Broadband bundle. 



      System upgrade recuded bandwith in the area forcing me to downgrade from 10mbps to 5mbps.


      So am I well and trully shafted? Is there any way I can remove my lock in period?

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          If you're going to ask me, the mere fact that Globe could not provide you with contracted speed you subscribed to for 24 months is already enoght reason not to tie you up for the lock-in period.


          The question is, did you agree to be locked in when Globe downgraded your plan back to 2999? If so then that would have been a new agreement. If not, then insist that you should not be locked in since it was not your fault that the speed you subscribed to could not be anymore provided due to their admission as a result of their recent system upgrade.

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            Just to update:


            I've now downgraded back to a 2299 - 5mbps plan without a lock in period. 


            But now I'm experiencing really slow speeds 1.5mbps or less (using speedtest.net).


            I have yet to see the speed even reach the old speed of about 4.5mbps. 


            If your in the Paranaque/Alabang area and are in need of internet above 5mbps, go to a different ISP.