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      When I am inside my residence in makati, there is no signal of globe. It has been like this the past four years. Can I request globe to do something about it? It's in the middle of makati!! It's been so inconvenient and makes me want to switch to smart.
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          We have to remember that mobile phones use radio signals and they are only as good as where the signals can penetrate. There would be a lot of limitations specially if the material surrounding a room would hamper the penetration of such signals. Though we hope Globe could address your problem accordingly, other factors like number of people to be affected with the change of propagation of signals, economic feasibility, technical possibility, material considerations and the like could affect your particular situation.


          Before switching to another telco, just make sure that the other telco's signals would be able to go through inside your place of residence.

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            Hi there @abbie ,

            Are you residing in a building? Most of the concerns here in makati is that whenever they are residing in a tall building they encounter problems.

            Since its already four years that you encounter this concern, have you already coordinate this to the customer support for the investigation of the location?