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    Who is you Idol member?


      Hey Guys,


      I just want to open this thread to give Thanks/Praises to our fellow members. Persons who are always ready to assist you, help you with your inquiries, and listen to your thoughts.


      They are all guiding and full of eagerness to help.



      This are the list of people I want to thank and Praise.


      1. @ChitoReyes  - For being so knowledgeable for the network infrastructure. Minsan nga nasa isip ko engineer kaya sya? His thoughts and answers shed me some insights. 


      2. @GIBO  - For being too friendly and ready to assist.  Thanks.


      3. @WILLfindways - He is very helpful indeed. He is always active on replying to post or queries. Medyo Rebel nga lang ang dating pero may para sa akin natutuwa ako sa kanya. Hindi naman lahat ng oras eh go with the flow. :smileyhappy:


      4. @GlennO - Very active on answering post that can only be answered by the admins. Parang feeling ko nga nandyan siya lage nagbabantay. BIG BROTHER ng GC.  Thanks.


      5. AdrianP - Nagtutuwa ako sa mga Forum contests nya. kasagutan sa post ko dati na to make the forum more lively.. Thanks.


      6. Hcescala - Our top forum answering machine. Thank you.


      7. Jeian - For being the master of Broadband Queries. Idol. dami kong di alam sa broadband sana magpapaturo ako.