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    roaming charges


      can globe give the difference between roaming with and without power roam rates?


      i know that powerroam rates are lower but how many % for 


      sms, incoming and outgoing

      call, incoming and outgoing

      data charges


      the last 3 months delayed bill seem to make my bills soar and the contested areas are roaming.


      there are calls that cost p170/minute...

        • Re: roaming charges

          There's a big savings when you subscribe to Globe's PowerRoam compared to Regular Roaming. These rates I got for my roaming number in Singapore a few days ago:


          Power Roam:


          Outgoing to the Philippines -Php42.00/min

          Incoming - Php 18.00/min

          Outgoing to local (Singapore) - Php 18.00/min


          Outgoing - Php 10.00

          Incoming - Free


          Regular Roaming


          Outgoing to the Philippines - Php 140.00/moin

          Incoming - Php 48.00 + US 0.40/min

          Outgoing to local (Singapore) - Php 34.00/min


          Outgoing - Php 21.00

          Incoming - Free


          Regular Roaming rates are still subject to Roaming charges of 15% of the Roaming rates plus 12% VAT on the mentioned Roaming charges.


          Rates above are for Singtel as roaming partner.