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    new line application for BPO employee


      Hi i just applied last friday 07/12/2013 for the galaxy note 2 plan for 1799, all is well naman the next day the texted me and call me and discuss somethigs about the plan and what i need to submit for the requirements. ok naman ako sa ibang requirements like i.d and proof of income. yun nga lan when it comes to the proof of billing wala ako nun that's under my naman. let's add na nag wo-work ako sa BPO industry and i've been with my company now for almost a year. and they need two years of tenureship. so they gave me other option and that is to pay the 7 months service fee in advance so that's 13k plus and i'm alright with tha't i just wanna get my own line cause i wanna fell like an adult paying my own bill .. hehe ,, just wanna know if what is my chance of getting approve .. knowing that i aggreed with the 7 MSF? NEED HELP :smileyhappy: