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      We applied to one of your agent for wimax+phoneline plan. And after 4 days (June 17, 2013) your technicians from VisaTech installed Wimax and gave us your wireless phone with sim, but did not installed the canopy as the pipe is not suitable as we have a 3 floor house. The technician informed us that a robotic type bracket or adjustable bracket will be used if their stocks arrived. We paid P1600 to your technicians with receipt AR-VSTL No. 150335. After 3 days our internet was activated, however the phone line still isn't and the canopy not installed. I called your CS and was surprised to learn that the technicians processed only internet connection without the phone line and remitted only P1000 to Globe. This brought up the issue that we were duped and your CS told me (thru phone) that an investigation will be made. Now with the mess that had happened, my husband and I agreed to just apply for reclassification, from wimax only to wimax+phoneline (as we already have your phone unit+ sim). Until now I've been calling Globe CS for so many times and they kept on telling me that they will escalate to somewhere or someone, etc. My husband used your Live Chat as he was abroad and was assigned Ticket Number: 1306292098. He was told reclassification can be done thru your phone CS, but was otherwise, as I tried calling your CS. WE ARE FED UP. WE NEED RESOLUTION ON OUR REQUEST FOR RECLASSIFICATION ASAP!!! WE ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR THE ADDITIONAL COST. INSTALL THE MISSING CANOPY INCLUDED IN YOUR PACKAGE...PLEASE!!!


      Update: its been almost a month ang still our issue (above) had not been resolved. i am totally pissed with the way Globe is handling their issues. Walang makuhang matinong sagot sa lahat ng CS avenue nyo!!! Laging sinasabi under investigation. Ang hinihiling lang namin unang una e ikabit ang antenna ng Wimax at i reclassify na with phoneline ang subscription namin dahil nasa amin na ang unit nyo with SIM!!! Kasimpleng gawin ke hirap umintindi ng Globe. Dapat hindi na lang namin pinalitan ang SMART namin at nagpalagay na lang kami ng Wimax nila na me antenna. Kakabwisit na.