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    Problems in SUPERSURF Subscription and Connection


      Problem 1: Can't subscribe to SUPERSURF. Everytime I text SUPERSURF<space>50 to 8888 I get this reply



      I then resorted to using my prepaid load (5 php/ 15 mins). Thinking that maybe it was just unavailable at the time, I subscribed to SUPERSURF using my Personal Globe Prepaid SIM. I was able to subscribe! but when I used my SIM instead of the Tattoo SIM I end up encountering this.



      Like WTF! Satang pera ko!


      Solutions I tried:


      1.) Checked APN Settings, even created new profiles and profiles that are exact copy of the default profile, wala. :smileysad:

      2.) Lagpas 50 load ko so hindi na factor yung remaining balance.


      Question: hindi kaya yung mga SIM yung problema? Pinapalitan kaya ito ng Globe? Whachatink? dati rin kasi di ako makaconnect sa 3G ng globe (Using my CM Nova) pero sa other network ok naman. The same case with my CM Flare. :smileysad: