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    Inconsistent Wireless Connection via BB


      I have a BlackBerry 8520 and a wireless connection at home. My Globe router is the Huawei.


      I sometimes use my BlackBerry 8520 to post Tweets, chat via WeChat or upgrade the apps via the BlackBerry market. Most of the time, I'm getting a message that there's an issue with the wireless connection. Most of the time, the connection is slow.


      Since I have a laptop that is connected properly to the Internet wireless and it works fine (most of the time), I thought that it was the BlackBerry.  However, I brought my BB one time to my brother's house and it worked very fast. They have a PLDT wifi router. I was able to upgrade 3 apps on my BB withouth any error message, something that I wasn't able to do with my Globe wireless connection at home.


      Is there any wireless settings on the Globe Huawei router that I can adjust to improve it's wireless connection to a smartphone like my BB 8520?