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    Globe Service


      I was a prepaid Globe user since 2002, but now that i switched to post paid it seems i encounter more problems! and starting to hate globe...

      BILLING: Billing always came late to my home address, to the point of it was delivered a month ago after the due date.. questionable amount of used.. enrolled for paperless billing, but it was a waste of time bcoz i havent received any on my email..

      CUSTOMER SERVICE/AGENTS: it will took you 30 mins to 1
      hour before you will be able to talk to someone... then they will hold you again for so long to check on something... then what? they cant even answer your questions!

      PAYING BILLS: I hate paying bills in the
      machines like in what they have in SM Annex North Edsa, because i dont know how much will i pay because of ALWAYS LATE billing. I cant pay through the counter because they dont allow cash but only for the card payers.. i said how will i pay? the guard will tell you to call their hot line for what? to took us for sooooo long to wait on the phone!

      SERVICE: from excellent to POOR!

      SUGGESTION: continue everything and you will loose customer! coz we were not enjoying your way anymore!
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          As I mentioned in the other thread no Statement of Account, no pay.


          For paperbills there is proof of receipt as a requirement to the couriers and recorded in globe's database so if late or undelivered then Globe cannot compel one to pay.


          In fariness to Globe however, they issued a letter about 2 months ago  to all postpaid subscribers to expect late delivery of bills due to some system enhancements that they are doing and some bills and due dates would be adjusted accordingly.


          Hopefully, these problems would just be temporary.

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            @miashyne May I know what concern you're trying to raise to the hotline? If you're online, you can tweet our online specialists at @Talk2Globe. :smileyhappy: