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    Change of Postpaid Number Dilemma

      I got my sim only line June 15 this year at Globe Business Center Greenbelt 3. I was not able to choose my number despite the claim of @TemofGlobe that Globe allows subscribers to choose the last four digits of their handyphone number.

      I was told that in order to facilitate the change of number, I would have to wait for one billing cycle.

      Exactly a month and after my cut off date, I called Globe hotline today.

      After ONE hour and 30 minutes on the phone and NO supervisor to talk to at all (did they all die or something?!), I was informed that my number (0917-301xxxx) is a Cebu sim hence changing it to 0917-888xxxx is NOT possible because the latter is Manila number.

      What the hell?!

      Furthermore, Globe's Twitter channel is pretty futile.

      As a subscriber, I am truly disappointed with this experience with Globe. This is the first time that I am hearing such CRAP and because I am left with NO recourse at all, I have to go and line up at your business center. This is plain unacceptable.
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          Arnold Zara

          Since, the mobile number that has been given to you was a 0917-30 series, you can choose between the following series: 0917-30, 31, 32, 62, 63, 65, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 77, and 79. The mobile numbers are somewhat grouped, so if your number belongs to group 1, you can only select between the series on the same group if you plan to change your mob no. 


          The solution that I can see, as I have also experience this before is you go to a Business Center, ask for your sim card to be changed, the one that has the same group or hlr with the 0917-8s and 0917-5s. And by then, you can change the mobile number to 0917-8s and 0917-5s series. 


          Ideally, you can really choose any number you want, as long as it's within the series range, it's available on their new system and no one else is using or have used it.


          Btw, change of mobile number can be also be made via their Cust Care hotline.


          I hope you find this helpful. :smileyhappy:





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              Hi Arnold.


              I did that exactly.


              Greenbelt GBC terminated my line, changed my sim and gave me my preferred number.


              What I lament with the experience that I had with them was the wasted time -- they made me wait for a month before I learned that the change of number was impossible in my case.


              They could have provided me my preferred number upon application but they were giving me run around replies then that their new system could not, etc. only to do the exact thing they should have done a month.


              Now, I'm thinking twice of getting another line with them.