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    Could this be the right area where I can file like a complaint about your service?

      I just want to make sure that I will be able to vent out my frustrations here about your service. This is not the first time that experienced this kind of customer service from Globe, but since I need the Globe signal, I need to be patient. But I just want to raise that you might need to motivate your representatives, since they are not being polite anymore. After we called just earlier and after trying to confirm our concerns and trying to vent out, the rep prematurely disconnected our call. It's so disappointing as we are being still professional when we're talking but that rep didn't gave us any chance to make sure that our concerns were addressed completely. I got her name and I hope she is the last person we'll be speaking with regarding our issue because if ever our issue is still not resolved today, I might call again and talk to a supervisor to complain her. If the moderator able to analyze this note, make sure you take actions to ensure you keep your loyal customers. Thank you.
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          The thing about this forum is that anything you write is documented for everyone to see and unless deleted by the moderator, it stays there. You are not the only one who has experienced this... even I have experienced this a couple of times and I would not know if they do it intentionally or the line was just cut due to a technical mulfunction.


          Nevertheless several of us have already suggested that the least that the CSR could do is to call back their customer since the caller's number would appear in their system. It is quite frustrating calling back and hearing a lot of options before being connected only after around 10 to 15 minutes and re-explaining one's concern from the very beginning since the person you would talk to would not be the same person you have spoken to previously.


          We hope Globe would take this in stride to improve their customer service.