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    Almost 8 days, still no Lte pricisioning

      I first went to the globe store in galleria last Saturday July 13 to have my lte sim provisioned. Monday came and still no lte. I called the hotline and they said it would be provisioned in 2 hours. July 16 came and still no lte. I called the hotline again and they said nothing had been done despite my calls and visit to the globe store, so they assigned me a reference number 50833465. I called several times on 17 and 18 July, and I was similarly promised lte provisioning. Nothing happened. An agent from the hotline gave me an order number 8361412A and said it would be provisioned in 2hours. I waited until the next day, 19 July. Still, my sim still remains unprovisioned for lte.

      It is now 19 July and seven days have passed since my visit to Robinsons globe center to have my sim provisioned.

      Tomorrow will be my 8th day and I have waited, called more than 10 times the globe store, and have a reference number and order number, without Lte activation or provisioning.

      I have heard about how terrible this step is, but I did not expect it to be like this.

      Can someone here help me with this request. It is merely to have the sim provisioned for lte.

      I don't think it should take 8 days and more than 10 calls to achieve.

      Help please.