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    poor signal

      Just got my galaxy s4 postpaid last month..and ii want to turn it back because I didnt use well my internet because of unstable signal in our place even though the customer service told that globe signal is still covered in our place, but still experienced a poor signal..do i have to pay if im going to return the unit? Im on 1799 plan for 30 months..thank you..
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          Try calling the retention hotline. 02-7301300. They are open from 8AM to 10PM.

          Or maybe you can report this to the tech representative by calling 211 or 02-7301000 to have an escalation or report for investigation if the problem is isolated only on the location.

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              Hi @imjenn

              I agree with @slithethroat - report the matter to the Technical Support Team. They will investigate on the matter. It may take a while though.

              Regarding your other query about returning back the S4, that's a big question. Ask them by calling 211 or thru Twitter @talk2Globe.

              Sad to say, Telcos in the Philippines do not offer "Risk-Free Trial Period".