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    Torque Promo


      A few minutes ago, I got a call from someone who claimed to be from Globe, offering me a promo on their Torque product line. He offered me a 50 percent discount for six months if I signed up. I currently have a [email protected] plan (plan 1299) and I thought this offer was some sort of upgrade. Somehow I was interested. But then...


      He said it was for a new line. No upgrade possible. So, I said I was not interested since I have no use for two internet lines at home! He kept on insisting that I would be able to browse the internet faster, download and all those marketing stuff. I got slightly annoyed as he seemed to either ignore what I just said, or really did not understand it at all.


      I guess maybe next time, such callers should do their research first? I mean it was simply a waste of his and my time. I really doubt if there was any reasearch done as he was kind of surprised that I was already a subscriber to their Tattoo plan.