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    Sharing files over wifi provided with [email protected]


      I can't seem to share anything in our network using the wifi router provided by [email protected]


      My first attempt is actually to try and see if our devices connected to the network can see each other. I tried with PINGing all connected devices but alas they are all100% failure. So I am guessing all the laptops, mobile phones, and tablets can not 'see' each other in the network but they can successfully connect to the internet. I am just trying to share a folder from one laptop to the next but I think our router is the problem. This is where my know-how end, I don't know if there is a configuration I should do in the router to successfully do this. Any help with regards to this is very much appreciated.


      By the way we have this small white Huawei router that Globe provided when we subscribed to the [email protected] internet service.