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    billing for new postpaid subscriber


      Good day everyone!


      I tried to check other billing related threads but I was not able to find an answer to my question. If there is another thread about this problem then I apologize I was not able to find it.


      I'm a new postpaid subscriber. I got my phone last Friday, 7/19/13, and my line was activated immediately before leaving the Globe Store. My question is, how will my billing cycle go? Like when would be my cutoff date? I already paid for the 1month advance MSF, so does it automatically go that my cutoff date will every 18th of the month (1month after my line is activated) or does Globe have a specific cutoff date? If Globe has a fixed cutoff date for all their subscribers then depending on the date, I might not get 1 full month or do they round it off to the next month's cutoff date? I don't know if I make sense to you, but if you do get my point, please enlighten me on this matter.


      Thanks so much for the time! God bless!