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    Better Phone offers for Postpaid


      I have been a postpaid subscriber for several years now, and I am frankly fustrated with the phone offerings of Globe. There isn't just enough choices to choose from. I know still most people prefer to buy their handsets from directly from retailers or from the grey market, but I really think having a wide variety of options will work to Globe's advantage too.


      Yes, they offer the latest or popular devices from Apple and Samsung, or RIM but I don't see any other brand yet. We have great devices from HTC, Motorola, etc. Why not partner up with them as well? I know a lot of people in my circle who would  sign up if certain phones they like are available with their respective telco.


      In a nutshell, what I'm trying to say here is it is not just about having the "latest" and / or "greatest" phone offers. It would be nice to have other options as well. Not everyone wants to be "in" or "cool" anyway.