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    HTTP ERROR: 504

      Hi Tattoo.. kalimitan ng website na binubuksan ko eto nalabas.. HTTP ERROR: 504 Gateway Timeout. tapos lagi na ddisconect .. paranaque area ako.. nung 1st mont ko mabilis.. ngaun putol putol
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          What you can do about it


          1. - Try accessing the website through a (different) proxy. If the problem was particular to the gateway/proxy that you accessing the site through, then using a (different) proxy may3 allow you to bypass the earlier gateway/proxy.
          2. - These errors often arise because the proxy failed to resolve a domain name into an address. It might succeed if you try again, or --if you can resolve the name (while the proxy can't, e.g. because it uses different name servers) then you might be able to access the server through its IP address.
          3. - If the problem is with the website that you are trying to access, then monitor it to determine when it returns to service.