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    No Update: S4 Plan Application


      I have applied for the Galaxy S4 plan 1799 last July 16 at Globe Glorietta 3. I provided the agent with my passport, postal ID, and 2 months payslip. I asked him it those were already okay to have my application processed, and he said "YES". After 30mins or so, he told me that my application will be processed in 3-5 business days (naks). The following day (07/17), I called to the hotline to have my office HR number be updated. The CSR issued me a reference number then. On the 3rd day, I tried calling the hotline again and asked if there's any update for my application. They said "wala pa po ma'am" and issued me another reference number (got 2).


      On the fourth day (07/22), I dropped-by Globe G3 and asked them if there's any progress on my application. The girl asked for my complete name, plan intended, and contact numbers. After 15 minutes, she informed me that their team is trying to locate my application in their system, and told me that they will just call me WITHIN THE DAY for the update. Hours passed - NO CALL from ANY GLOBE AGENT!


      On the fifth day (07/23), I go to the Globe center and asked them updates. The agent told me that she'll try to pull my records in a couple of minutes. And she did. Only to find out that my application wasn't forwarded to whomever they'll forward it to, because of the address mismatch in my application and the ID provided. She had me countersign the correction and refiled my application. After that, she told me that I will have to wait for their call regarding my application. I tried to ask her how long would it take AGAIN, and she said she have no idea.


      FRUSTRATED and STRESSED, I don't know how long do I have to wait again for mu application to be processed and approved. There won't be any problem if only they are considerate enough to inform me on the status of my application.