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    Very frustrated. I'll appreciate any help


      Good day guys.


      I have to warn you, this will be a bit lengthy post. I am already very frustrated so I thought maybe some of you have had the same experience or have any tips about what I could do about my problem.


      I have been a Globe postpaid subscriber for 2 years. Under my name, I have 2 postpaid numbers/accounts, one of them used by me, and the other, by my boyfriend.


      Both of us re-contracted through the hotline last month, and we decided to both get an iPhone 5. The process went smoothly, we ordered our phones, and the agreement with the agent that handled this is that we will upgrade our plan from plan 499 to plan 999, which is the unlimited data plan. That's point number one. The second point is that in order for us to not have any "cash out" for the gadgets (iPhone 5), the Php 17,000+ will be deferred for 24 months, which amounts to Php 800 per month. THEREFORE, more or less, our bill should amount monthly to around Php 1,799, plus whatever goes on top of the bill.


      So last last week we got our first bill upon using the new phones and new plans. Imagine our shock when the bills amounted to Php 21,000+++ each. Upon studying the bill, and with multiple calls to the customer service, we found out that the iphones were charged ONE TIME, and must be paid now. Another thing, we are still under plan 499, upon checking my account info here at globe.com.ph.


      I immediate called their customer service, a "report" was made, and they even acknowledged that I was right that our agreement was 800/month NOT ONE TIME PAYMENT for the phones. It took one week for the case to be "resolved". But it was still the same, still 21,000+. 


      I called again, explained my situation, and ANOTHER CASE # was given. This was 2 days ago. This time, I got an acknowledgment that was faster, but upon checking, I am still billed for the same amount!!!


      I am very frustrated because I have no time to go to Globe centers in the malls, and I'm not even sure if they will entertain me there or just let me call the hotline again.


      But right now the hotlines are again VERY BUSY and I can't get through.


      Please, if anyone here works at Globe, I need your help.


      I have been a loyal subscriber and I have always completely paid my bill early. I don't know what I did to deserve this. These are 2 accounts that they will lose if I finally lose my patience and just switch to another network.


      :smileymad: :smileysad:

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          You have all the right to get frustrated and I would too if I were in your place.


          One thing going for you is that Globe "acknowledged that I (you)  was right that our agreement was 800/month NOT ONE TIME PAYMENT for the phones." I just hope you were able to document that conversation and to whom you were talking to as you should use that to defend yhour case.


          I suggest you extend your patience more as these adjustments take time to be reflected more so with the recent system enhancements which had caused a lot of trouble with the new and old subscribers. Ordinarily, it would take a billing cycle or two before it gets reflected but as I said, it might even be delayed further because of the many problems Globe is experiencing which is beyond our control.


          I suggest that you just pay for your MSF and the extra usage you have in your subscription and wait for them to correct the entry for your units.


          In dealing with Globe nowadays, patience is a virtue. 

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            You need to be patient with them. Just pay your agreed amount of 1799 per month and eventually, your bill will be ironed out the following months. That's how globe works. TURBO!
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              I hope somebody can help me. this is really very frustrating. i have been a loyal globe subscriber for more than 3 years and just this May 7, my line got disconnected. i went to a globe store and they said my line was ok but they gave me a new sim.said this is to replace my "worn out" sim.but then later told me she cannot activate my new sim since i have an "outstanding balance" from my other line. i was so surprised since the only other line i got from them is the one i got for my brother temporarily 2 yrs ago for data, which he only used for 1 month then disconnected it when he left. she then told me to just call the hotline since she cannot process my issue there, which i found very odd but since i need to get back in the office i left.


              i called your hotline and after a very long conversation, she advised me to wait cause she will escalate my concern. after 2 days, i called back and same thing..the agent told me to wait 24-48 hrs for my line to be reactivated. it was never activated. i got sick, been in and out of the hospital for next couple of months but my line is still not activated so i assumed they cut it. and then i suddenly received my bill in July which is now almost P4K!!??? my line is only superplan 599 so how did it reach P4K in 2 months? while it's deactivated?


              this is sad. really sad. i have a very good payment record with my account and was planning of upgrading my line sana but this happened.