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      Can't Globe tell the company releasing the billing account (Innove Comm, Inc) to deliver the billing account at least one week earlier than the due date? I am asking because my billing account is always delivered two and even one day before the due date.

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          They first have to identify where the problem lies... either Globe or their courier service.


          If Globe releases the bills late, then it would follow that the courier service hired would deliver it late also however, if Globe is on time and it arrives late, then it's about time that they change their courier service.


          At least in mobile the delay had been identified due to the system enhancement that Globe is doing and therefore we have concluded that the delay could be pointed out to Globe and not the courier. 

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              @gener : Hi!

              if matagal yung billing statement nyo, why not try inquiring about your bill on your own phone..
              *143#.. then, select my account..

              August 27 or 28 - checked my billing using that..
              Sept9 - due date..

              sometimes, cannot be processed yung request.. pero bihira lang naman...

              after nyan, tsaka ako tumawag sa globe customer service to request na magsend ng copy of my billing for the said month on my email account..

              yun po..