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    dsl speed


      It seems that my dsl speed has gone down for the past two months as compared to the first three months since i had my subscription on Dec 2012. I wonder why is this so? If this will always be the case i would rather shift to another service provider after my lock in period.

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          hi, there maybe a problem on the configuration of your line due to massive network upgrades. Please have a assistance from the hotline by dialing 171 from your globe landline or 211 from any globe phone for free. Then let a technician check your pc and modem including the facility you were connected to.

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            globe promises speed of at least 70% of your plan's max speed. if it falls below that, contact support to fix it.

            as for transferring to another isp, i suggest you do it now. globe is a mess right now after its major systems upgrades. i contact support every week because there always seems to be an issue with my connection. if you're loyal, go back (apply for a line) after a year or so but for now, you're better off with another provider.