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    Cloudphone and cloupad combo defective - replacement?


      Hello Everyone,


      I subscribed for a new phone line the one at plan 499 Cloudphone+ cloudpad bundle promo. Unfortunately, both devices came in defective and I went to the nearest globe store the following day and they confirmed that both are defective.Problem is: globe stores here in cebu can't replace it because they don't have any stocks for it. I've been calling the 211 customer service, escalated, and transferred - then referred back to globe store. It was days of back and forth pointing fingers by globe. One customer service at globe store promised to give me a callback but it's been months and I haven't heard anything. I am tempted to write to Migz de la Cruz a letter about this. It's been months since the line activated on March 1, 2013 and until now wala. I get only a call from globe asking me to pay my bills which is LOLs. They only call  you pag maningil. No solutions. Poor Customer service.

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          Go write the letter @kairos  and have it received officially and keep the recieving copy or the registry stub if sent by registered mail. Do not rely on email/ At least you can document your experience when you elevate this to higher authorities or even the media.


          In case there is no stock you may demand a replacement/refund equal to that of your unit/s. At this point, you are dealing with Globe and not Cloudfone and it is Globe's obligation under your contract to satisfy their end of your contract.