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    Wi-Max monthly payment


      Just want to clarify the monthly payment for globe wimax because the sales agent told me that for the first 3 months, the  bills is 1,333php instead of 999. this is because the installation fee was divided into that first 3 months. although upon installation of the modem, we were asked by the installer and paid 999php as the installation fee. pls reply and any further information will be much appreciated. thank you

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          Hi, I think it's a foul play you have been mislead (scam) guys when i apply for wimax subcription not with an agent but directly to globe i paid 999. only one time fee for installation thats it and your bill begins on the following month as far as i know you don't pay anything to the installer globe policy you must report this matter to globe or call hotline 211.

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            If you have a receipt for the payment you gave to the installer, then present it as an evidence.

            You may call 7301000 or 211 and tell them you have a receipt for the installation fee. You may also tweet @talk2Globe and tweet pic that receipt.