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    S4 postpaid application - update please


      I've filed my application last July 2, Plan 1799 for Samsung S4 handset and everything went well, but then GBC Greenbelt called me to sign again the application form. It didn't matched daw my signature with that of my id. So fine, I went back and signed again.


      After a week (July 8), Globe called &  it was disapproved kasi it didn't matched my signature. Grabe so I went back again and filled up another form. It would take  effin 2 weeks daw to get a feedback.. The following day Globe called nagconfirm ng application form ko, so like background check. And I was kinda happy kasi ang bilis nila tumawag, so nageexpect ako na after ilang days, I will hear from them, esp GBC Greenbelt told me na "mabilis na lang po yan, you will hear from us within the week", pero walang nangyre. (within the week pala ha) 


      After 2 effin weeks (July 23), grabe wala pdn kahit anong updates. I went there earlier (July 25) sa mismong GBC GB to followup, and then malalaman kong wala pdn daw approval. Nagfollowup din daw ang GB nung July 16 sa status ko, pero until now awaiting approval pdn! Cmon, anu bang problem sa application ko, at least update me kung my kulang na reqts. Ganito ba tlga? I preferred na nga na personal na magfile instead of online or hotline, kasi I believe na mas magiging faster ang transaction if sa mismong GBC. 


      Please Globe, try to fix this, update me kung ano na status ng application ko. And also, just to let you know, nung nag-inquire ako sa GBC Greenbelt last month, sabi nila madami naman daw silang unit ng S4, so dont tell me na "it depends on the availablity of the handset". Cmon, your rep already told me na madami kayong handset. 


      Hay, I hope you will deal with this matter promptly. Its really disappointing. :smileyindifferent: