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    How and where do I file a FORMAL COMPLAINT to GLOBE?

      I'm not a new subscriber but a loyal subscriber since the iphone 4. Tried ALL of their channels -- Globe Business Center, Twitter, Phone, Web, all of them no definite resolution! Can anyone shed some light?
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          A formal letter with all documentations attached and addressed to the proper department would be the best way to file a formal complaint to Globe or with any other company or agency for that matter.


          Make sure that the formal letter is duly received by their representative with the date stamped if delivered via hand or courier or a corresponding return slip if by registered mail.


          If the complaint is regarding their service related to telecommunications, copy furnish the NTC Public Assistance Center and if you think that it affects many then copy furnish consumer section editors or writers of major newspapers specifically Manila Bulletin, Philippine STar and Philippine Daily Inquirer and commentatots fo major networks like ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5, etc.


          Follow through after a week by calling up Globe's department concerned and asking for a specific person to talk to regarding your conmplaint. You should agree on a reasonable timeframe to have it resolved otherwise, it might be time to consider elevating your concern to a higher authority or court.


          Depending on how much damage it has caused you, be prepared in what your prayer (legal term) or what you are demanding for and see if extra spending for lawyers would justify your cause.


          Nevertheless, everything would start from your formal letter with documents so I suggest that you make it as detailed and thorough as possible with the intent of using it just in case you file a legal case against them. Get a lawyer friend to advise you what to do in filing these papers even if it does not prosper into something bigger. You never know what will happen next.

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              I am also a good customer but I am posting this Complaint  agaisn't Globe Telecome.

              (sorry I dont know where and how to post this on this complaint board)


              I have been calling globe and ask for their consideration to make a proper billing on my account and do proper computation and adjustments for unreasonable charges because they are not used by me like "local charges and games subscriptions". Everytime I call globe costumer service i have to waste a lot of time  a minimum of 2 to four hours because they will transfer me to different service crews who will handle my case for that matter. And On October 6, 2016, I was able to talk to some maybe 4 or 5 of their customers service because of the unreasonable charges on my account. After maybe four (4) to 5 hours hours, negotiations, transactions discussions and talking finally the customers crew through their billing department ask me to pay  this amount of 3,282.44 with reference no. 136154720, which I paid on October 10, 2016. However, the globe disconnect my account even if I already paid  the same and instead texted me that I still have to pay 4,597.01. When I called globe again why it disconnect my account when I already deposited the 3,283.00. The customers crew told me that I still have to pay 4,597.01. Then I told them what happen to my transactions last October 6, 2016 that I should pay only this amount. The service crew by the name Cathy told me that it is not recorded, and asked to pay instead 1,700.00 and promise to call to re-connect my line. Then I called globe why it did not re-connect my line. Then again I talked to two of their crew and telling them that Im already pissed off because nothing happens to my account so i am requesting that they should terminate the same. One Mr. Bob Lee (I dont know if this is  his true name) promise me that he could help me settle and fixed  my account without going to globe store because its too burdensome for me as i have no time. So he gives me all my bills and we computed the valid calls and my monthly plan of 599. After talking for almost three hours ... computing and making adjustment we come up with this amount of only 4,847.84. So I told them that I deposited 3,283. so my remaining balance is only 1,564.84. So I am already willing again to pay. However, after that  talk he insisted that my bills is still 5,348.00 and promise and adjustment of 999.00. So I said I what happen to what I deposited? He just insist on their own computation disregarding the valid computations based on the monthly bills he sent on my email said  again still transferring me to billing department again just like what my previous transactions with globe and then again  I will repeat the same issues explaining from the beginning  again. And then nothings happens... What the globe institution through their crew customer service doing to me as their customer? They transact fraudulently and in bad faith, they wasted my time for how many hours, they pissed me off when I couldn't call and make respond to urgent matters because they disconnect my line for the second time. They made me pay unreasonable charges even if I they are amenable based on records that what I should only pay but they insist on me paying  more than what is reasonable. they are not true to their words, they do business with me, in badfaith, falsely and fraudulently. So I am filing this complaint. and please do the necessary actions.



              Marde Palma