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    Customer Service and Network Issues

      Greetings to all the Admins, Members and Moderators of the Forum.

      I have been a Globe customer for quite some time now, be it prepaid or postpaid, and I have been actually waiting for this kind of community to pop up, a forum wherein you can post issues and whatever topics you need to have clarifications on.

      Let me start, first regarding the Customer service reps over the phone, It's either they transfer you to a wrong department, put you on hold till you hang up, or make a ticket or a report that will just file up and God knows what happens to it. To cut it short, 75% of the time they don't provide any help. Second, Mobile Internet Issues, LTE and 3G services you guys "guaranteed" upon application, for about a month I hear different things from different people under the same company and department that I talked to, "network upgrades" , 3G/LTE is provided but it shows "E" , I grew tired of it, of calling, asking for it over and over and over, good thing this community or forum or whatever you call it is up. Third, Billing issues. You take money at ease on my account, you take it quick, fast or whatever word that suits it, I got over charged and I need to wait for 2 months to have it reflected on my bill? I don't understand why you guys take more than what you should get. I just don't think that is fair.

      With all honesty, I have lots of troubles with Globe. But the 3 things above are some of em that comes to in mind at the moment.

      I sure hope someone can help me/us out regarding the things listed above, cause for me and I think for all of us, we should get what we are working hard to pay for.

      Cheers! Warm regards to everyone.

      PS : Globe phone CS Agents needs to be trained. Please. Thanks!
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          Let's tackle your concerns one by one...


          1. The transfering to the wrong department happens and it is a test of patience specially if we are put on hold so long. I don't think they really want to do that but maybe because of technical issues and the sheer volume of callers with the limited number of CSRs could be the reason behind all these. The ticket is important as it would serve as your reference for follow-ups or complaints that have to be documented. Make sure you list these down also in case you need to file a formal complaint. They are not useless as some people think and through my whole life with Globe they have served purpose in getting things done.


          2. Signal coverage for data is one issue for all telcos. We cannot expect full 3g in all areas more so with LTE with its limited coverage. Even I can't still enjoy LTE as the places I go to are not covered. Wireless data is just as good as where signals could go so one has to test it first before subscribing into it.


          3. Adjustments in bills really take at least a cycle or 2 to take effect not only with Globe but with all other utility companies. Somehow because of clearances and approvals even to the obvious makes these adjustments to take time. Hopeful that they do not do this in purpose but have you wondered why even banks take 3 days to clear a local check but only a minute to clear a foreign remitance specially in this electronic age? We give them the benefit of the doubt of red tape and the privilage of holding our money for an accpetable period of time even if it is not necessary.


          Nothing in this world is fair and that is why there are lawyers and friends like us in the community to help you understand the situation and to address your concerns even with our limitations.


          People from Globe read these so they are made aware. The beauty of it is that it gives them a chance to look at the problems from our perspective and the bigger challenge is for them to do something about it.

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            Thanks for your time on reading the post.

            Again, I have been placed on hold till I can no longer wait and hang up (which shouldnt be the case since the rep told me/us it'll be for a minute or two) Calls that takes atleast and hour, and you'll be on hold for atleast another 30minutes would really make you mad, 2nd time this happens it'll really really piss you off, sad part is it didnt happen once, twice, its like a routine for this agents, once you cannot help the customer let them wait till they hang up, call again, go over the same process and waster their time.
            i believe they also do Manual transfers, why get transferred to prepaid when you were talkin about yer postpaid account with a postpaid rep, giving you the run around till you get tired of it.

            Mobile internet, ya ma let that pass. Sure.

            But the 3rd one, like what you said, as per banks and other establishments it takes 3 days or a week or so. They'll get yer money out real fast, It'll be given back to you within a month or 2 when you get overcharged, what am saying is, they know you overpaid why not post it on the next bill rather than making the customer wait for a month or 2 or even 3 to get the money credited out of the account for something I didn't do. I dunno.