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    Question about monthly income


      Tanong ko lang po, kasi last time na deny ung request ko sa globe kasi income ko ng june is 3,600 lang and im applying for plan 1799. pero ang income ko naman nun ay, may 42,000, june 3,600, july 26,000, tapos na deny ako :smileysad:.


      Now i'm trying to re-apply again sa august kasi may dadating na padala ung father ko, BTW i'm only a student.

      Ang ipapadala sakin ng father ko is more than 15,000 bali paginupdate ko ung passbook ko e magiging ganto,

      May 42,000, june 3,600, july 26,000, august 15,000+ (expected na dadating). Tingin nyo po ma dedeny padin po ba ung application ko? Thanks :smileyhappy:

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          @EricBo you have other options para maaprove un application mo. Pede mo iadvance ung 7 months of your chosen plan or kung may kakilala kang globe postpaid subscribers pede mo silang gawen guarantor.
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            about nmn sa financial capacity. I think 30k in passbook is enough para maaprubahan ung application.
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                If I were a credit investigator, aside from looking at the income through remitance that you are getting, I would look more into the regularity of the amount on a monthly basis vis-a-vis your monthly expenses and savings rather than what you claim you have been receiving only for the past 4 months.


                I would go the extent of asking questions like why the amounts have large discrepancies compared to each other. It would make the credit investigator more confident if you can show the history of the remitance over a longer period of time and if the monthly surplus/savings would be enough to cover your Globe Monthly Service Fees despite having other expenses. If you can show more proof that you will be receiving more remitances and the approximate minimal amounts then your case may be stronger. You have to remember that Globe would like to see how you could pay them for at least 24 months and not just 4 months.


                But then again I am not Globe and who knows... maybe if you just show your bank book then you might get approved. 


                @jhuan  has already stated other options you can take just in case you really want to get a postpaid line.

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                Ma approve ka as long as yung bank account mo have deposited money for at least 3 consecutive months with minimum deposit value of P20,000 per each month.