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    Bridge DataRoam Unlimited (BDU) and BDU Plus


      I think subscribing to BDU and BDU Plus is a really great way to minimize charges while traveling abroad.

      Just make sure that you manually select the international telecom partner of Globe Telecom in the country you will be staying in. :smileyhappy:


      BDU: $10 for a day / $27 for 3 days / $40 for 5 days

      BDU Plus: $15 for a day / $35 for 3 days / $55 for 5 days


      I have only tried BDU because the US BDU service was still different back in 2012.

      I believe the maximum speed you can connect to for now is just 3G.


      The confirmation messages have been modified over time.


      July 2011:



      January 2013:



      July 2013:



      The last screenshot got me wondering if I was truly subscribed to BDU or not.

      I had to call the toll-free hotline just to clarify.


      I hope Globe can fix this time and date error in their system (which might have been a result of the upgrade).