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    Can you bring back the old unbilled charges report?

      The new one shows unbilled charges on top of the user's monthly recurring fee which is completely useless because you can't monitor how much you've already used. While the old system was far from perfect (charges were reflected days late at the very least) it was better than this new one. By the time you learn you have 10 pesos on top of your MRF it will be too late (and the actual amount is really 30 and not 10).

      Another thing, the customer service really irks me. I have been texting the hotline (1234) for the past few days to ask my for my running charges not on top of my MRF. So far I have had one person tell me an amount and so many others more telling me "I apologize but we are unable to provide you due to limited access." So either that one person made an amount up or the rest of the live chat agents are really incompetent with theirs jobs. So much for customer service.