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    Question for MySuperPlan 1799 as a beginner


      Hi Globe,


      First of all, thank you for giving a nice service for the newly applied subscribers. I would like to ask a set of questions and hopefully answer in a transparent way (despite I've already asked some agents in a Globe store in SM Valenzuela).



      A.) For the MySuperPlan 1799 I currently using, specificially on the internet browsing part. Since I have the unlisurf 999 in the combo part (the blue labeled one). Is this entitled to a 800MB UL/DL Limit? (the same treatment with the prepaid before in which I use a Supersurf50 during my prepaid days?) I need a concrete answer for this so that I won't be worrying about bill shocks and unnotified messages appearing. (and technically, I thoroughly read the terms and conditions before I signed since there were no specifications regarding unlisurf for postpaid (not the promo ones))


      B.) Does LTE is already active upon using my account? I'm using a Galaxy S4, and I'm fully aware that LTE is only used in selected areas provided. Now, I went to the selected places like in Glorietta 3 (near globe center) and Glorietta 4 (cinema area). It still shows a H+, not a 4G or LTE marking on the icon I'm anticipating. So I went to a globe center in Glorietta 3 and they said it'll be automatically activated. Again, please verify this since everyone of us wanted to maximize the services that Globe is providing.


      Thanks and Best Regards.