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    1month advance MSF


      yung 1 month advance ko ba magrereflect sa first bill ko.?


      i got my line activated june 30 2013, dadating kaya bill ko on-time?




      bakit hindi ko ma add account to enrolled list. 4 weeks na ko nagtrtry magenroll wala pa rin. para sana ma enroll ko sa paperless billing at autopay service para less papel ang maprint at makatulong masave ang environment.  


      We cannot find the account you are trying to enroll. Please check your entry and try again.


      Note: For new Globe customers, we're building a bigger and better MyAccount. Sorry for the inconvenience. You may enroll your number again in the coming weeks. Announcement will be made via Twitter @Talk2GLOBE.




      ganito ba talaga kabulok yung globe?:smileyfrustrated: