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    How to take proper care of our Mobile Phone


      Regardless what our mobile phone brand or model, we should treat it with respect by means of taking proper care of it. Mobile phones are very important to us by means of communication to our Family, Friends, Classmates, special someone and even with Business. It also serves as sort of relaxation; we can play games, listen to music and chat with our friends.Here are some tips to take care our mobile phone.


      1. 1. Designate a safe place where you can keep and store your phone when not in use. 
      2. 2. Keep your Mobile Phone away from TV and Radio because the radiation emitted and may interfere your Phone signal strength. 
      3. 3. Recharge your battery only when your Mobile Phone asks for the charging. 
      4. 4. Put Screen Guard / Screen Protector on your Mobile Phone to prevent screen scratches. 
      5. 5. Keep away from liquids and beverages. 
      6. 6. Clean your phone regularly. Use dry tissue paper or alcohol wipes to clean the phone's exterior surfaces. 
      7. 7. Take your phone with you whenever possible.
      8. 8. Don't abuse your phone.

      If you have some useful tips to add share it to the Community :smileyhappy: