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    New Line Application


      Hi! I applied for a globe postpaid plan this week and I was asked to pay 7 months advance payment because they said I'm from a BPO company though I'm not. So I applied for a credit card to metrobank. I would probably get it 2 weeks from now. I'm aware of the fact that they ask for latest 2 months bill of the credit card. Will Globe approve my plan if I present to them my newly issued credit card? Btw, I'm applying for a 1799 plan with Iphone5 116gb in 30 months lock in period. Thanks guys!

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          Hi @bianca your new credit card can serves as your proof of identification and proof of financial capacity, better to provide additional proof of income like payslip and proof of billing address. You can use your newly issued credit card to pay the Monthly Service Fee in advance.HTH

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            Hello @bianca 


            If GLOBE tag you as a BPO employee then you need to follow this...


            Note: BPO employees except for managerial and above positions, shall be required to submit an active credit card ID. This will be on top of POID and POFC. Advance monthly service Fee (MSF) should be paid upfront via credit card only and enrolled under auto-charge payment facility.




            ***Ang laki naman ng storage ng iPhone 5 na yan 116GB!!! Hehe.. Joke lang po, alam ko namang typo error lang yan. :smileyhappy:

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              Let me just say that I am not from Globe but would just like to give my opinion to your query.


              I would think that in order to get approved one would have to prove the following:

              1. You are the person applying;

              2. You have a valid address where they can deliver your bills;

              3. You are capable of paying for your plan.


              I would think that Globe suggested that you pay 7 months in advance so that they could be assured that you will not run away with the gadget that you will get if ever approved. While a credit card would help establish your credit history, a new credit card would reflect none of that.


              The beauty of a credit card though is that it is the credit card company which would be running after you instead of Globe if you charge your bills via your credit card.


              Your chances of getting approved would be stronger if you have an auto debit facility for Globe bills, meaning, you sign an authorization that all Globe billsn (present and future up to the end of your contract) would be charged to your credit card; or you can pay 7 months in advance using your credit card.