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    I already complained about my over billing. My bill is under autodebit, so, why there's always bal


      Dear Mr. Miggy Dela Cruz,


      Last May 20, 2013 you sent a letter to subscribers regarding to the new IT systems as part of your modernization effort. And at the end of your letter it says; : We want to be honest and open with you about this transformation effort" and then we can connect with you or your team. In this regard, I would like to reiterate my complaint as follows;


      Last 11 July 2013 I called up your Customer Service by the name of Al and asking for the clearing of our bill. Please take note that our account is under AUTODEBIT to BDO and whatever balance indicated in our billing, it is paid in FULL. Please check your Statement of Account and there is always remaining balance from previous bill plus the currect bill. My credit card is charging me the TOTAL AMOUNT you debited and not just the previous bill nor half of the current bill.


      This matter is taking too long from your accounting to settle and GLOBE is over charging us. See Account number 65000422, 68832836, 65005734 &  65005831

      I expect your call at this number 6610416 as I don't want our Globe number be posted online.


      Your immediate action is highly appreciated. Thank you


      Victoria A. Tamayo