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    Text messages bill concern


      For the last 3months, I don't received my globe bill (and can't find it online) thru email so I wasn't able to check the amount I needed to pay. 


      Just yesterday, I received my latest bill and I was shocked that my plan 300 is having total amount due of 3.5K for 3months which is too high.  I review the charges and found out that I have more than 800+ text's (to globe and other networks) almost  500/month was billed to me which is really impossible for me to do.  I don't always do text (at work/home) and too lazy to do that as I prefer to call them instead.  Also, I am the only one using my phone so I really wonder why!? 


      I also checked last 20bills that I  got and I only have an average of 150 text/month.


      I can settle the amount but how come the text messages that I sent flactuated too high the past few month? Is there any hidden charges or text happening recently?  Is there a way globe can monitor all my text activities/transactions or whom I sent it (I call the hotline and they were unable to help me regarding this)?  



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          I believe globe can only provide summary of those person na tinawagan mo (call summary together with date and length of call) it is too hard for them if they will be giving you the summary of every sms you sent..imagine if you usually send100 sms per day x 30 days.. that would be 3000 messages and kung ipprint nila sa Statement of Account mo..masyadong madami yun..

          to make it short..

          Globe can only provide you summary of calls (no. you were calling) but for sms..it's No.


          Even other telcos. ,yun lang din mapprovide nila..summary of calls but not sms.. :smileyhappy:

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              Are you using a "smartphone" with an application that sends sms from time to time? You may want to check it.


              @liunard1928  is correct that the telcos here by practice do not reveal nor access your SMS records not because they are not available but because they choose to. It's a grey area on our consumer rights but given a proper court order, they will furnish what the court would request.


              In some countries (like the US) you could retrieve your recent SMS and even have it sent again in case one did not receive the message properly or completely. I've experienced this myself.

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              I need to know my bill co'z i need to pay it where and how?