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    Cut-Off my Globe Internet Subscription

      It was my understanding before i subscribed to Globe Internet Plan, after 2 years i can request for the account to be cut-off without any problem. I started my subscription December 2010. I was using and paying my bills religiously. So on December of 2012, i requested my account to be terminated, your Gensan Office told me to email the Globe. 4 emails and 7 months later, you are still sending me bills, even i havent been using a single byte of your internet services. i have ask my parent to go to your office to ask it to cut, still your Gensan office keep saying i need to email the Globe or come personally. How can i come personally when i am out of the country. How can i talk to your office, when i keep on sending email and just received notification that an agent will answer after 24 hours? I havent used the internet service since December 2012. I am entitled to cut the account off without any hassle. If you want me to send back the gadget or the sim, i would gladly do so. Just Cut-Off the account. Do your office think it is Customer Friendly to want me to pay for the services that i never used? you can trace that on your computers, and see that it wasn't used since December, because it was disconnected. I hope you would consider my request. I am hoping for a positive answer. with due respect, thank you.
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          In matters of this importance, I suggest that you write Globe officially about the termination of your subscription with a copy of your valid ID. Have it officially received through a signed receiving copy (or postal proof of delivery if sent via registered mail) so you could have something to show in case of conflict. I would not rely on email with the numerous email that they recieve (and the infamous system enhancements) as they could always claim that they did not receive any so your best bet is through the old fashioned way.  


          Globe or any other utility would not just terminate a subscription unless they have official verification from the subscriber on record. 


          In your letter, just mention that you have emailed them since December 2012 and furnish them a copy of those emails with subsequent sent dates without any response so you could further justifiy the reversal of the charges which you did not consume anyway.


          I'm sure that in time this would be resolved.

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            Sorry to hear that, hopefully Globe can  fixed your issues/problem.

            for the meantime i believe you should contact them


            Provide them your account information and concerns

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              Thank you for the advises. I will try to follow your suggestions. Hopefully it could be resolve soon. Thanks again. More power.