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    Billing inquiry

      Good day! As per Globe advertisements and promos, u can get the handset of Samsung Galaxy S4 at plan Unlisurf 999 plus 14400 cashout, which can be payable for 24 months using clients existing credit card. And finally last June 10,2013, I've decided to apply for additional line (my 3rd postpaid acct.) of Unlisurf 999, with Samsung Galaxy S4 as the handset. This resulted to 1599 monthly due (600+999), lock-up for 24 months. Before releasing of handset and simcard, I paid in cash the 999 for the unlisurf and 14400 using credit card for the cash out of handset, which was applied for 24 months deferred payment. Today, I called Globe hotline 211 to ask for the cut-off date, acct. number and any bill of my latest postpaid line. He said that the cut-off date of my new line is every 17th of the month and I have an outstanding balance of 999 payable on Aug.12,2013. Just like to remind you guys, I have an advance payment of 999 last July 10, and my cut off for my bill#1 was last july 17, that was 7 days after i apply for the new line. So does it mean that for that 7 days I already incur the 999 unlisurf? And i have to pay that 999 outstanding balance on Aug.12 due date?? Shouldn't be the balance due for july 10-17 pro-rated? How about my advance payment of 999, will it be applied for my first month bill or for the last month of lock-up?? I'm confused. I badly needed your help guys!! Thanks a lot in advance!!
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          Hi there, the advanced payment would not be applied on the first month but on the last month of your contract. Keep in mind that there's also a termination fee of 550 (?) that will be deducted from your advanced payment when you cut your line on the 24th month as per the CSR I spoke with.


          As for your due date on August 12, I think you should be billed for a pro-rated amount from July 10 to July 17 PLUS 999 to cover July 18 to August 17. Which means that if I am right, your bill will be more than 999. I think that is the case because I was studying my billing statements from Globe and noticed that my payments are in advance apart from the advanced payment I made when I applied for my phone line. But my advice is for you to call their hotline (211 then press 1, 1, 11-digit mobile number, 3, 2) so that they can explain it to you further since I might be wrong. Better yet, wait for your bill and see how the breakdown looks like.

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