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    paperless billing

      I'm subscribed to a paperless billing, thus this mean I will not received any more hard copy of my billing? And since paperless is a little delayed. I've requested to resend a copy of my billing, I haven't received the copy and yet I've been charge Php30 for that. Why is it so?
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          Based on my experience, once you apply and agree for paperless billing, then your hard copy  would not be sent anymore.


          However, ever since I had trouble documenting my billing statements with Globe, I requested that hard copies be sent to me again and to disenroll my accounts with paperless billing.


          Thus, I now receive the hard copies (via official courier which also documents that I have received the statements) but my bills are also sent via email without extra charges.


          I've always stated that there is no paper trail if you have actually received your paperless billing due to the limnitations of technology. Globe would always assume that you have received your paperless bill once they have sent the email regardless of the conditions.


          I suggest you call 211 and tell them that you have not received such statements and have them reverse the charges. I suggest too that you go back to paper bills so a paper trail could be established if the bills or statements have been duly delivered and received. That is one BIG advantage of Paper bills over paperless billing specially when there would be disputes in the future.

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            Im also registered to Globe Paperless billing and it was confirmed on my email that it was registered.

            Before, when i was not still subscribe to a paperless billing, i havent recive any Billing Letters though I make sure I pay in advance every month even without knowing my current bill. *143*1*1# and/or *143*1*2# is there to inquire your latest billing...

            And since I was registered to their paperless billing its been around 3 months that I dont get any email also. So when visit and pay my bills, I request them to send to my email a copy of my last month billing statement. I personally entered my email add to their computer and thats it... i received my Billing statement...

            its a matter of constant follow up ang physical presence on their store for a total customer service... =>
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              Is there a way to unregister to paperless and gp back to hard copy

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                you can try calling to the hotline just dial 211 via mobile phone or via landline 730 1000 to inquire if what would be the process in requesting a hard copy so that you will be assist properly and you'll be advise what to do afterwards