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    4G LTE Concerns


      1. I was inquiring about 4G LTE Plans ( Samsung S4 P999) in Globe SM San Lazaro when the Rep told me that Globe LTE Speed is only about 7.2 mbps same as 3G. I even cited about other service provider's speed of 42Mbps but she said Globe's lte speed is only 7.2Mbps.

      Can someone clarify me on this?


      2. Can I still browse the internet after reaching the 800megabytes download cap?


      3. Is it true that almost whole Manila area is LTE covered. What about Ortigas Center (Near Metrowalk)?


      The Rep's explanations are so vague and unconvincing it got me thinking twice about getting a Data Plan.

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          hello @baphometh 


          1. No,


          • GSM 2G - up 14.4 kbps
          • GSM 2.5G (GPRS) - up to 57.6 kbps
          • GSM 2.75G (EDGE) - up to  236.8 kbps
          • GSM-3GPP 3G (UMTS) - up to 384 kbps
          • GSM-3GPP 3G+ (EDGE Evolution - up to 2 Mbps
          • GSM-3GPP 3.5G (HSPA) - up to 14 Mbps
          • GSM-3GPP 3.5G (HSDPA) - up to 42 Mbps
          • WiMAX Forum (4G, not adopted for Mobile) - up to 70 Mbps
          • GSM-3GPP 4G (HSPA+) - up to 168 Mbps
          • GSM-3GPP 4G (LTE) - up to 173 Mbps (which can boost as fast as 326 Mbps)


          theoritical download rates..but syempre it depends on network infrastracture.. :smileytongue:


          so basically dahil nasa pilipinas ka..hindi natin marereach ang speed na yan..




          2.Absolutely yes..you can still browse kahit mareach mo yung 800mb/day data cap


          3. No, definitely there were certain areas na di pa masyadong ok ang LTE signal but probably after the upgrade ok na ang LTE signal :smileyhappy:



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            1. 4G LTE is upto 42MBPS, yes but its stil location dependent.


            2. After reaching the 800 MB cap the internet browsing will be disable temporary.


            3. for LTE covered areas you can check this link  http://www.globe.com.ph/help/all-about-lte-and-iphone-5-faqs


            hope it helps