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    Prepaid Roaming here in Vietnam


      I activated my prepaid roaming last July 29,2013 9 hours before flight departure to vietnam and I had a confirmation text immediately from globe that it was activated, it has been 5 days yet I still don't have any signal, I tried turning it on and off everyday every 5 hours, removing the sim, connecting manually to other networks like VN Mobifone, VNmobile, VN Vinaphone, Viettel, VN 07, but i can't access them, (I don't know which is a globe roaming partner so I tried them all)

      I have 190+ load before leaving the Philippines, it hasn't expired yet, I tried asking someone from the Philippines to see the status of my roaming request, she said it was activated, please help me, I don't know what to do anymore, I saw many other people having problems with the roaming thing

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          Hi @DA10 ,



          May I ask if what is the phone unit your using? since all the roaming partners for vietnam only serves 2G network. I advise you to select 2G only on your network mode.


          And to isolate as well if it is on the simcard or phone. You can swap a spare globe roaming simcard to your Sim and try your sim to other phone as well..


          Hope this helps.