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    tattoo disconnection problem


      i bought a globe tattoo last aug 1 and every 5-10 mins i disconnect from the net. can anyone please explain to me whats wrong wth this? i got  HSPA+Globe signal which is full and still getting dced. this is my 2nd globe tattoo and still have the same problem.

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          does all websites that you are browsing says "Webpage cannot be Displayed"? thats why you are saying it always disconnects even if you have a Full signal on HSPAP.

          have you tried to observe this problem occurring in different location when you are using Broadband USB Plug-it.

          sometimes (not all the time) even with good Signal reception indicated by the signal bars, it doesnt necessarily means we will have no connection problems.

          Internet Traffic on your area can also cause intermittent Internet connection. the more users that is online on your location, the heavier the internet traffic specially when someone is streaming or downloading. its like first-out first in basis on the Air.

          beside, it is not you alone or your USB Broadband plug it alone is the one that uses HSPAP for mobile internet connection. there are other devices such as cellular phones and pocket wifi that uses it.

          a High Ping may indicate a High Internet Traffic on your Location when you try to speed test your connection.