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    HTC One M7 Availability


      So I've read posts from 2-3 months ago regarding the unavailability of the HTC One M7. I just applied more than a month ago (additional line) for a HTC One M7 unit and I still didn't get mine.


      So, anyone here who applied weeks or even months ago who still didn't get their units?


      And can anyone supply with a tentative date for a restock of the unit? I've been calling the hotline once or twice a week and all they say is that it all runs down to their support team and that they (the sales specialists) can't do anything about it. I even asked if there's a way that I can talk to the support team but it sounded like the sales specialist avoided my "request" and just told me that the support team will contact me once a unit becomes available.


      So what now, Globe?

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          You can go to globe business center and ask for htc one stocks. And ask mo kung kelan or kung pede ireserved ka.

          Does your application got approved? If yes you can ask stocks kung san ka nag apply. mataad kasi ang demand sa htc one and may shortage production problem yata ang htc regarding sa ultra pixel camera sensor.

          You or we cant do anything if no stocks are available. ^__^